Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Marketing is a fundamental part of every business. Businesses have been marketing their products and services through different methods.

Gone are the days when products were selling door to door thanks to modern technology and the internet.

This method of selling products online is called Digital Marketing.

To survive and thrive in this internet or digital age your brand or business must adopt modern technologies to stand out of the crowd.

If you are not doing so till now (or don’t have digitalize your business), you are missing your bright future and will remain far behind the race.

With the ups and downs of 2020, when businesses were stuck and markets were closed, the one thing that helps their businesses was Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing not only saved brands but also increases their sales.

Now, if you want to succeed and digitalized your business following are the hottest trends of Digital Marketing:

1; Influencer Marketing

In covid time people were closed in their homes and there was no way to go outside and socialize with others. At that time people spend most of their time online watching videos on youtube of their favourite personalities/influencers, live video streams and on social media (Facebook, Instagram..).

Those Social Media Influencers whether it be on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram were suggesting or recommending different products to their followers and subscribers based on their niche.

People love to buy products which their favourite personality suggest or uses themselves due to the loyal and trustworthy relationship between follower and Influencer.

Unlike paid advertising which is very costly you can promote your brand in 2021 to the next level by Influencer Marketing because it is;

1:Cost Effective

2:Bring more traffic in less time

3:Increase Brand awareness

4:Generate more sales

5:Increase brand loyalty

If you want to succeed online in 2021 you can approach Social Media Influencer to promote your brand, based on their engagement with the audience.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Here are interesting facts!

● 70 per cent of youtube teenage subscribers trust their favourite influencer’s suggestions or recommendation over TV celebrities.

● On every 1dollar investment, businesses generate a 5dollar return on average.

● 89 per cent of businesses found Influencer Marketing leads to better ROI than other marketing campaigns.

So, to succeed in business in less time and in a very cheap or low cost look no further than Influencer Marketing.


With the rise of modern technologies in Digital Marketing especially in 2021, the competition for businesses is very high and giving more personalized information is a must for a better user experience.

ChatBots are AI-Powered tools in messaging apps and websites to interact with consumers in a humanly and in a conversational way to give information to users.

Many businesses have been using this method already but in 2021 also this will be the top trend and priority for businesses.

Due to the low attention span, people want to get information very quickly and chatbots provide real and quick information to the users and build loyalty between brands and customers which generate more leads and eventually generate more sales.

Why ChatBots necessary?

ChatBots provide;

1)Real-time service

2)24/7 available

3)answers all questions of consumer

4)quick information

People love to intersect with chatbots.

The customer or potential client will most likely to buy product or services from a brand or website using chatbots which directly conversate with consumer and satisfy them by giving quick and real information they need.

So, ChatBots are a very valuable, efficient and effective way to foster Customer-Brand -Relationship.

Customers have higher expectations to the brands and meeting them perfectly will be the real game-changer and bring your business to the next level.

So, you should add ChatBots to your websites and e-commerce stores as it will be the key trend in 2021 and onwards to give a more personalized user experience to consumers.

3; User-Generated-Content

UGC(User Generated Content )has become the top priorities for marketers and brands in their Marketing Campaigns.

According to a study;93℅ of marketers believe that consumers trust the opinion of other customers over the brand marketing itself.

UGC is the content (opinion, idea..) suggested by the customer/user.

Why U-G-C is Important?

User-generated content gives so much importance to customer’s comments, opinion or suggestion which creates the level of trust and authenticity for the new customers to whom brand want to sell their products through User-Generated-Content.

In old days people had no access to digital platforms and were not able to give feedback but nowadays with access to so many digital platforms by which they can share their thoughts and suggestions freely, comfortably and easily about any product.

Due to the massive audience in digital and Social Media Platform which are the hub of User Generated Content their feedback and suggestions have to get so much importance because that help or lead future customers or new customers to purchase the product.

That’s the reason UGC have been giving so much importance.

To implement this Strategy to your business you can ask your devoted customers or clients to show their thoughts and views about your brand’s products or services and the clients will most likely do that instead of willing to do that and later you can showcase those loyal views to new customers as according to a study

● 90℅ consumers trust the user-generated content to buy products.

By considering it to your marketing campaigns you can generate more engagement with the audience and generate more revenues with almost no cost.

This valuable content created by your loyal customer attracts more customers and ultimately generated more leads and sales.

4; Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been revolutionizing almost every field and industry from Health to Tech and in Marketing too.

Now AI has become a must-have factor for businesses and brands in marketing campaigns like Email Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing Strategy and it also has better ROI.

AI-based tools help marketers in various ways.

AI-enabled Chatbots helps businesses to interact and communicate with customers and provide valuable information very quickly and accurately.

These AI-based virtual assistants help in booking a flight, having a ride and ordering your favourite pizza from your favourite restaurant.

Voice Search Devices are also helpful in marketing thanks to Google’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

According to a study in the US by 2021 73℅ purchases will be done through Voice Search.

These devices by listening to user’s need can perform different tasks from searching on google, ordering something and booking a ride.

For running a successful business your website should be able for voice search because this is the future and adopting this early will make you stand out from your competitors.

AI is helpful for marketers to dive deeply into the customer’s mind and giving them a more personalized experience.

AI Tools in marketing helps to collect valuable data and analyze search algorithms to meet the needs of users and provide something that customer wants.

To build a marketing strategy, AI and machine learning can be very helpful to find customer’s interests.

If you own a business or website you should definitely implement AI-powered tools in your marketing strategy as success relies on giving comfort and a better user experience to the consumer.

● According to Forbes 86℅ of companies and brands are using Artificial Intelligence for sales growth and to improve marketing campaigns like Emai-Marketing.

● AI combined with Machine Learning reduces Shopping Cart abundance to 30℅.

So, Artificial Intelligence now has become a pivotal and must-have element especially in marketing business and to grow it on a big level.

5;SEO(Search Engine Optimization )

There are many ways to digitally market your business, but SEO is the primary way and also an organic way to generate leads and it is as important as it was in past years and will be the key trend for businesses in 2021 too.

To reach the target audience and to rank on Google’s top search results your brand or website should be well-optimized and SEO is the way to meet this goal in a natural and organic way.

If your target audience searches on google and don’t get what they want or if they don’t find you on Google’s top search result they would definitely go to other.

But , SEO enables your potential user or reader to reach/find you easily by searching on search engine.

If your brand or website is easy to access by searching on a search engine that builds authenticity and gives a better user experience.

Due to covid-19 many businesses have collapsed and they don’t have enough budget to spend money on costly advertisements, and if you too have a tight budget and don’t have massive investment then SEO will be the right choice for your business to grow in little or low investment.

Yes, it would take some time but the end result will be astonishing and by ranking your brand on top search results will build the brand’s credibility and authenticity.

If you are providing relevant, authentic and real information to your readers and help to solve their problem then that will increase your brand awareness and users will share that information on other social platforms which will result in more leads, more clicks, and ultimately better user experience and higher conversion rate.

So, now it is clear that SEO is still an effective way of Digital Marketing in 2021 and onwards.

By implementing an SEO strategy at the right time will be the game changer for your business and ultimately help increases more leads and more sales and more growth.


The pandemic has realized to us that there is a huge opportunity for businesses to grow digitally.

Taking advantage of the fact that people spending most of their time on social media and watching videos.

It has created an opportunity for brands to increase brand awareness by promoting through social media influencers.

User-Generated Content is a must for businesses to succeed in 2021.

Ask your users to share views about your products and services and showcasing that content will help other users, ultimately generate more leads and sales.

artificial intelligence has made its way in marketing and makes it super important for businesses in2021.

People love interacting with ChatBots which provide information to users very quickly and enhance user experience.

SEO is the primary source of lead generation.

Implementing the right SEO strategy will make your business easy to find by searching on search engine.

The better the services you provide to users the better the results would be.

Comments below and let me know which part do you like the most and what is your next step for your business to succeed in 2021?.

Ahmad Shakeel is a content writer and especially writes in DIGITAL MARKETING NICH